Pricing: Voucher Values vs Equipment Values

  • HHSC STAP sets a Voucher Value for each category - this is the Maximum that can be billed to them for that Voucher.
  • HHSC STAP also sets an Equipment Value for each category of products - this is the Maximum that can be billed to them for that Product.
    • This value is based on the lowest price for each category.

STAP Vendors can only bill HHSC STAP the lower of these 2 values.

Example: Although your voucher value might be $580, if you pick a product with an Equipment value of $563... we can only bill HHSC STAP for $563.

Equipment Values Updated 9/15/2022
Category EV Items 100% covered by EV
Apple iPads $574
iPad 10.2" (2021) 256gb Wifi
iPad 10.2" (2021) 64gb Wifi+Cellular
iPad 10.9" (2022) 64gb Wifi
Apple iPhones $537 iPhone SE 5G 4.7" 64gb Unlocked
Samsung Galaxy phones $563 Galaxy A25 5G 6.5" 64gb Unlocked
Galaxy A35 5G 6.6" 128gb Unlocked
Galaxy A54 5G 6.4" 128gb Unlocked
Samsung Galaxy tablets $563 Galaxy Tab A9+ 11" 64gb or 128gb Wifi
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4" 128gb Wifi
Galaxy Tab S9 FE 10.9" 128gb Wifi
Motorola Edge phones $563 No Motorola items are fully covered at this time
Google Pixel phones $580 Google Pixel 7a 6.1" 128gb Unlocked
BlindShell phones $580 BlindShell Classic 2 phone Unlocked
Microsoft Surface Go $500 No Microsoft items are fully covered at this time
SGD Level 1 - iPad $886 Instructions for using SGD vouchers
SGD Level 1 - iPhone $849 Instructions for using SGD vouchers
SGD Level 2 EyeTech EyeOn Go 10" 128gb Wifi
SGD Level 3 EyeTech EyeOn Air 12" 128gb Wifi
EyeTech EyeOn Elite 14" 256gb Wifi


TXACD Pricing

Our contract with STAP HHSC says we can charge 25% over the retail value we pay for the item.

We charge 25% on items up to $799, and a flat $200 over retail for items over $800.