Texas Adaptive Communication Devices

A STAP Vendor for Phones & Tablets

Texas Adaptive Communication Devices
A STAP vendor for Tablets & Phones


How to get a STAP Voucher

Ordering Instructions

  1. Place your order:
  2. Shop for the items you want.
  3. Put your selections in the Shopping cart.
  4. Use the “coupon code” that tells me what voucher type you have, and the total cost will adjust.
  5. Checkout to submit your payment for shipping and any cost over the voucher value(s).


  1. After placing your order, you can schedule your pick up at 1 of 4 locations around Houston.

If you selected “Mail Order”:

  • Shipping is $25 for phones and $30 for tablets.
  • We need your BLANK & UNSIGNED voucher to process your order. You can either:
    • Upload the voucher when you place your order.
    • Mail your voucher to TxACD, 1907 Lavaca St Friendswood, TX 77546.
    • Email the voucher to heather@staptx.com
  • Once we receive your voucher, we will package your device and ship it to you by USPS Priority Mail with Signature Required for delivery. THE PERSON LISTED ON THE VOUCHER WILL HAVE TO SIGN TO RECEIVE THE PACKAGE.
  • ** Timeline for Mail Order is 1 week from when we receive your complete order (website order+voucher+payment for shipping) to when it should arrive at your house.**



Pricing, Going over voucher values, & Other Info


Prices according to the STAP Vendor contract are 125% of MSRP. So our prices are 25% more than the prices listed by Apple, Lasered Pics, or any other vendor we order from.
This is our profit, since we are purchasing all the items, combining them on the voucher, following the STAP rules, and waiting for the funds.


Going over the voucher value
If your choice exceeds the value of your voucher, STAP rules allow you to pay the “upgrade” cost.

Approved Items

Download the STAP Equipment List to see if a new communication app for the iPad has been approved (Check category on the voucher such as “SGD L1″=Speech Generating Device Level 1, Two-way Paging Device, etc.)

Vendors who carry other categories

Here is a searchable STAP Vendor List so you can find a vendor who carries items that we don’t such as amplified phones.

Expired voucher

We need to receive your order with more than 14 days before the voucher expires.
If you are not able to redeem your voucher before it expires, you need to ask HHSC to send a new voucher with 6 more months for you to get your order placed.
You can request the new voucher by emailing Bryant Robinson (Bryant.robinson@hhsc.state.tx.us).

Change of address

If you order your device by mail, we MUST ship it to the address on the voucher. If you have moved, send your new proof of address and your voucher info to Bryant Robinson (Bryant.robinson@hhsc.state.tx.us) request a replacement voucher with your new address.

Voucher Types

We can accept any STAP voucher, but we mainly specialize in:

We also provide additional items that sometimes accompany the Speech-generating Device voucher:

We are also enrolled with HiTec/Clearsounds STAP Processing Program for amplified/hearing impaired products such as:

  • Amplified Phone: A phone with volume control to adjust the loudness of the other person’s voice.
    • May be cordless, include big buttons, and provide outgoing voice amplification.
    • Must amplify by at least 40 dB. (Some models amplify by up to 50 dB.) Amplified phones may not be compatible with digital phone lines.
  • Amplified Cell Phone: A wireless phone with volume control to adjust the loudness of the other person’s voice. May have tone control. Must amplify by at least 20 dB.
  • Big Button Telephone: A phone with large dialing numbers at least 1/2 square inch, backlit dialing numbers, braille numbers, or slots for picture insert dialing.
  • Remote Controlled Telephone: A phone that allows the user to dial preprogrammed numbers in sequence and answer calls using a remote. May have safety response features.
  • Cordless Telephone: A phone without a cord so that the user is not restricted to a single location.
  • Headset, Neck Loop, or Cochlear Cord: A phone-compatible headset that may be T-coil compatible or a cord that is T-coil compatible or works with a user’s cochlear implant device. Headset and neck loop may be amplified or Bluetooth compatible.
  • Bluetooth Compatible Phone Device: A device that enables a user’s hearing aid to work with a Bluetooth device.
  • Bluetooth Hub: A device that enables a landline phone to work with a Bluetooth device.
  • Ring Signaler: A device that alerts the user of an incoming call with a light that flashes on and off as the phone rings or a device that that helps prevent inadvertent key activation.
  • Cell Phone Amplifier: A device that connects to a cell phone that increases the loudness of the other person’s voice.

We are currently exploring options for helping with these items, specifically if both the Braille device and the cellphone need to be purchased with this voucher.

  • Braille Two-Way Paging Device: A braille device that may include a cell phone that allows specific cell phones to send text messages using a braille keyboard and braille display.

Meet to pick up your Device

Unfortunately, we have had to suspend all Pick Up meetings due to COVID-19 Protocols.

STAP Specialists and Speech Therapists who assist with STAP applications

Speech-Generating Device

To apply for a Speech-generating Device using the STAP application Form 3907, a speech pathologist (SLP/speech therapist) needs to fill out pg 3-4 to certify your need.

Here are some Speech therapist familiar with STAP by area:

Other vouchers

To apply for other equipment covered by STAP using the STAP application Form 3906, one of these professionals need to fill out pg 4 to certify your need.

  • Licensed hearing aid fitter and dispenser
  • Audiologist
  • Speech pathologist
  • Licensed social worker
  • Physician or advanced practice registered nurse
  • State-certified teacher of blind and visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing, speech impaired, or special education
  • DARS rehabilitation counselor

Here are some STAP Specialists by area:

Link to the STAP Specialist official list.

Check Out Additional Resources