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Ordering Instructions

Equipment Values, Voucher Values, & Coupon Codes

How to get a STAP Voucher

Ordering Instructions

Place your order:

1. Look at the Equipment Values to understand how much your voucher will pay.

2. Find the item you want: 

  • Start by clicking SHOP in the top right corner.
  • Go to the bottom and click on item the PRODUCT CATEGORIES menu.
  • Use the SEARCH PRODUCTS box to type the name of the item you want!

3. Click photo of Add to Cart button to put your selections in the Shopping cart.

4. In the Cart,

  • Review the list of coupon code” written above your Cart
  • Enter the coupon code in this section and hit “Apply Coupon”.photo of Section from the Cart page where you can enter the coupon code

* After the coupon is applied, total at the bottom of this section should be correct.

5. Click Proceed to Checkout

  • Enter all the info as it is listed on the voucher – name, address, Voucher number, and “void after” date.
  • We cannot accept orders if your voucher expires in less than 10 days.
  • Pay for any portion of your order that is not covered by the voucher.

Submit voucher:

  • Scan your BLANK voucher or take a photo with your phone.
    photo of a voucher placed in good lighting without writing on it with a green check and the text "Good copy: full page, no shadows, no writing"; 2nd photo of part of a voucher with a red X across it and the text "Bad copy: partial page, shadows, writing".

To send us the voucher, either: 

  1. Upload the scan or photo during checkout on our website
  2. Text photo to (832) 731-6235
  3. Email scan or photo to heather@staptx.com
  4. Fax to (713) 292-1784
  5. Mail to 1907 Lavaca, Friendswood, TX 77546

Pick up or delivery?

If you selected “Pick up curbside in Friendswood”:

  1. After placing your order, schedule your pick up using this calendar link – calendly.com/TXACD/home
  2. At the time of your appointment, bring the voucher with you.
  3. At my home, pull into my driveway and text to let me know you are here.
  4. Put on a mask and wait in your car.

If you selected “Mail Order”:

  • Shipping is $25 for phones and $30 for tablets.
  • Once we receive your voucher, we will order your product.
  • When it arrives, we will package your device and ship it to you by USPS Priority Mail with Signature Required for delivery. THE PERSON LISTED ON THE VOUCHER WILL HAVE TO SIGN TO RECEIVE THE PACKAGE.

** Timeline for Mail Order is

1 week from when we receive your complete order (website order+voucher+payment for shipping) to when it should arrive at your house.**

Voucher Types

We can accept any STAP voucher, but we mainly specialize in:

  • Speech Generating Device vouchers 2021-2022 value $937: A hand-held device that generates digitized or synthesized speech using pictures.
  • Two-way Paging Device vouchers 2021-2022 value $625: A text messaging device with a standard keyboard that sends and receives wireless messages.
  • Talk Back Number Dialed Phone vouchers 2021-2022 value $420: A phone that vocalizes the numbers dialed. May have large numbers, volume control, or Talks Back software.
  • Voice Dialer 2021-2022 value $279: A device that allows the user to dial preprogrammed numbers by a voice command.

We also provide additional items that sometimes accompany the Speech-generating Device voucher:

  • SGD Mount 2021-2022 value $999: A device used to secure a Speech-generating Device.
  • SGD Moisture Guard 2021-2022 value $40: A protective moisture barrier for a SGD device.
  • SGD Keyguard 2021-2022 value $145: A protective overlay that helps prevent inadvertent key activation.
  • Speakerphone 2021-2022 value $150: A phone with a speaker built into the base.

We are currently exploring options for helping with these items, specifically if both the Braille device and the cellphone need to be purchased with this voucher.

  • Braille Two-Way Paging Device 2021-2022 value $1619: : A braille device that may include a cell phone that allows specific cell phones to send text messages using a braille keyboard and braille display.

STAP Specialists and Speech Therapists who assist with STAP applications

Other vouchers

To apply for equipment covered by STAP using the STAP application Form 3906, one of these professionals need to fill out pg 4 to certify your need.

  • Licensed hearing aid fitter and dispenser
  • Audiologist
  • Speech pathologist
  • Licensed social worker
  • Physician or advanced practice registered nurse
  • State-certified teacher of blind and visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing, speech impaired, or special education
  • DARS rehabilitation counselor

Here are some STAP Specialists by area:

Link to the STAP Specialist official list.

Speech-Generating Device

To apply for a Speech-generating Device using the STAP application Form 3907, a speech pathologist (SLP/speech therapist) needs to fill out pg 3-4 to certify your need.

Here are some Speech therapist familiar with STAP by area:

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