Steps to Use your SGD Voucher

Speech Generating Device Level 1

Our SGD Level 1 devices are the iPad & the iPhone, which must be paired with an app.


While the Voucher amount for SGD Level 1 is $1092, the Equipment Values set by STAP are:

SGD Level 1 - iPad $886
SGD Level 1 - iPhone $849

If you already own an SGD App, you can use the full Equipment Value on the device.


The choices for SGD Mounts and Moisture Guards are limitless and have to align with your specific wheelchair and device, so they are not listed in my shop.

The Voucher Values set by STAP are:

Equipment Category STAP funds
SGD Moisture Guard $40
SGD Key Guard $145
SGD Switch $150
SGD Switch Mount $285
SGD Mount  $999

SGD Head Pointing or Movement Control Device

SGD Eye Control $6900

Our STAP contract is to purchase the item and add a 20% markup. We have capped our markup at $200.

When we look for products to purchase for these categories, the purchase price + shipping will be marked up 20% when we provide you a quote.

For example, a moisture guard purchased on Amazon with free shipping for $40 would be resold by us at $50.

- STAP SGD Moisture Guard voucher would pay $40

- Customer would pay $10

A SGD Mount purchased with shipping for $1225 + $95 would be resold by us at $1520.

- STAP SGD Mount voucher would pay $999

- Customer would pay $521

Starting the SGD Level 1 Ordering Process:

Start on the Texas Adaptive Communication Devices home page:

    1. Click "I have a voucher"
    2. Click on the SGD category listed on your voucher
    3. Select your SGD app
    4. Click "Add to the Cart"
    5. Then go back to shop for the iPad or iPhone.
    6. On the individual product page, choose "Speech generating device Level 1" from the Voucher-value drop-down box. 
    7. Click "Add to the Cart"
    8. When you have a cart with device + an app, click "Check Out"
    9. Under the “Order Summary” section, enter the Discount Code based on the device you selected - for iPads, enter SGDiPad; for iPhones, enter SGDiPhone. Once the discount is applied, the cart total should be your out of pocket cost after the Equipment Value has been removed.
    10. Enter your email & select delivery method
    11. Choose your payment option.
      • Click "Pay Now" to submit your order.
    12. Send us your blank voucher
    13. If you have other SGD categories on your voucher, we will email to finish the order. You can send us links to items that you find on retail shopping sites,