Coordinating STAP and CLASS Medicaid Waiver benefits

This process is very cumbersome, so you will need to weigh the financial benefits versus the time each step takes.

STAP Form 3906 Application (non-SGD items)

Form 3906 can be signed by your doctor, nurse practioner, audiologist, hearing aid specialist, or special education teacher so there should not be a cost associated with applying for STAP.

STAP Form 3907 Application for Speech Generating Device + SGD accessories

Form 3907 can only be filled out by a SLP (speech-language pathologist). 

Since STAP’s accommodation for hearing impairment & vision impairment are the ability to type text & the ability to controlled the device with your voice, STAP only pays for the smallest device with the lowest memory. This is referred to as the Equipment value and each device family has a unique one. STAP rules allow you to pay to upgrade to different models, but that cost is not paid by STAP.

Supplementing STAP funds with CLASS funds

If the upgrades such as a larger screen, more memory, or additions like a specific app, a screen protector, or case could be connected to one of the categories listed in the CLASS Appendix I Adaptive Aids, (See sections 4, 5, or 7.b.8) then fund for those could be requested from CLASS.

Most of these items need a Speech-Language Pathologist to sign the Form 3660, so while you could submit the STAP application Form 3906 without an SLP, you would still need to get a Speech Eval for the CLASS portion of the request.

It makes the most sense to access CLASS and STAP concurrently for Speech-generating Device (Form 3907) requests since you need a speech eval for both processes.


1. Request a speech evaluation be added to your CLASS budget to assist with a request for an adaptive aid by signing Part A of Form 3660 ****(You should sign a separate 3660 for each item you want from STAP/CLASS seperately such as "Speech Generating Device Level 1", "SGD Mount", and "SGD Moisture Guard" (See STAP Form 3907 pg 2 for all the SGD-related voucher choices) and any software/apps you are requesting)****

2.Within 5 days, your Case Manager should send a budget change for you to sign to add funds for the Speech eval. Be sure the IPP Form 8606 includes a statement like "___ needs a Speech eval to assist with a STAP application and to complete CLASS Form 3660."

3.Once you, CM, and DSA sign the budget change, it is set effective 30 days in the future.

4. After 30 days, DSA will send a referral to an SLP to complete the eval.

5. At the evaluation, complete the STAP Form 3907 pages 3 & 4 and KEEP THE ORIGINAL COPIES. STAP does not accept faxed copies of signature.

6. After the evaluation,

  • STAP Process:
    1. Make a copy of the completed STAP Form 3907.
    2. Mail the STAP Form 3907 with a copy of proof of residency to the address on the bottom of Form 3907 page 1. 
    3. It may take 6 months to get the STAP Voucher.
  • CLASS Process:
    1. The SLP should provide an evaluation document and a signed Form 3660 Part C to the DSA within 1 month of the evaluation.
    2. When the DSA has Form 3660 signed by you (Part A), the case manager (Part B), and the SLP (Part C), it is time for them to get bids. The DSA can email me ( to provide a bid that will incorporate STAP pricing and the remainder you want CLASS to cover.

Things I need to know to provide a combined STAP + CLASS bid:

  • What categories you requested from STAP - email a copy of the STAP application to me
  • What products you are requesting under each category 
    • SGD Level 1,2,3 - if iPad, which AAC app are you planning to use and which iPad model and memory are you requesting; if EyeTech, which model are you requesting.
    • SGD Moisture Guard - shop of Amazon and send me a link for the case with included screen guard you are requesting
    • SGD Mounts - look through these are send me info on the other ones you prefer.

7. Once we provide the bid to the DSA, they sign Form 3660 Part D and request the CM add funds to the budget.

8. Within 5 days, your Case Manager should send a budget change for you to sign to add funds for the CLASS portion of the items. 

9. Once you, CM, and DSA sign the budget change, it is set effective 30 days in the future.

10. Hopefully, the CLASS funds will be added and available by the time the STAP Voucher arrives!

Good luck!