Voucher Values vs Equipment Values

  • HHSC STAP sets a Voucher Value for each category - this is the Maximum that can be billed to them for that Voucher.
  • HHSC STAP also sets an Equipment Value for each category of products - this is the Maximum that can be billed to them for that Product.
    • This value is based on the lowest price for each category.

STAP Vendors can only bill HHSC STAP the lower of these 2 values.

Example: Although your voucher value might be $580, if you pick a product with an Equipment value of $563... we can only bill HHSC STAP for $563.

Equipment Values Updated 9/15/2022
Category EV Items 100% covered by EV
Apple iPads $574
iPad 10.2" (2021) 256gb Wifi
iPad 10.2" (2021) 64gb Wifi+Cellular
iPad 10.9" (2022) 64gb Wifi
Apple iPhones $537 iPhone SE 5G 4.7" 64gb Unlocked
Samsung Galaxy phones $563 Galaxy A23 5G 6.6" 64gb Unlocked
Galaxy A54 5G 6.5" 128gb Unlocked
Samsung Galaxy tablets $563 Galaxy Tab A8 10.5" 128gb Wifi
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4" 128gb Wifi
Galaxy Tab S7 FE 12.4" 64gb Wifi
Galaxy Tab S9 FE 10.9" 128gb Wifi
Motorola Edge phones $563 Motorola Edge 5G 2022 6.6" 256gb Unlocked
Google Pixel phones $580
Microsoft Surface Go $500 Surface Go 3 10.5" 64gb Wifi
SGD Level 1 - iPad $886 Apple iPads + SGD app
SGD Level 1 - iPhone $849 Apple iPhones + SGD app