Speech-generating apps are combined with iPads to fulfill the Speech-generating Device voucher $1000.

Speech-generating Apps currently approved by STAP

(Ask your speech therapist which one is best for you)

Apps: Made by: STAP price:
Alexicom Elements Adult $24.99
iCommunicate $62.49
GoTalk Now Attainment Company  $99.99
TalkTablet Gus Communication  $99.99
Compass Tobii Dynavox $112.49
Avaz Pro $118.74
EZSpeechPro Gus Communication $124.99
Sonoflex Tobii $124.99
Verbally Premium Intuary $124.99
TouchChat Silver Kite $187.49
Speak for Yourself $249.99
Proloquo2Go AssitiveWare $312.49
 Compass with Gateway Pageset Tobii Dynavox $374.99
 Compass with PODD Pageset Tobii Dynavox $374.99
LAMP Words for Life Prentke Romich $374.99
TouchChat AAC with Word Power Silver Kite  $374.99

Contact me if you would like to request STAP-approval for an additional communication app.