STAP has set an Equipment Value (EV) for products with multiple models.

The EV is based on the cheapest model of this item. For example, the iPhone’s cheapest model is currently $500, so the EV for all iPhones is $500.

The Equipment Value is the maximum amount STAP will pay toward this category of items, even if the Voucher Value is higher.

These are the Equipment Values determined so far:

Product CategoryEquipment Value Coupon Codes
SGD L1 combo
Apple iPad + SGD app
SGD L1 combo
Apple iPhone + SGD app
Apple iPad tablets$625EV625
Microsoft Surface Duo phone/tablets$625EV625
Microsoft Surface Pro tablets$625EV625
Samsung Galaxy S-series phones$625EV625
Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablets$625EV625
Google Pixel phones$562EV562
Apple iPhones$500EV500
Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets$437EV437
Microsoft Surface Go tablets$399EV399
Samsung Galaxy A-series phones$350EV350