This page is the application process if you have a visual impairment, a hearing impairment, or a speech impairment and need a device.

If you have a speech impairment WITH upper mobility or cognitive impairment, and need a Speech Generating app also, go to

  1. Print out HHSC STAP application Form 3906. (If you have trouble viewing this PDF, use this link)
  2. Fill out page 1 with your information
  3. Attach your proof of residency.
  4. Select the category of your Voucher:
    • If you are hearing impaired, select “Two Way Texting Device”.
    • If you are vision impaired, select “Talks Back Dialed Phone” and also “Voice Dialer”
    • If you are speech impaired but can type whole words, select “Two Way Texting Device”.
    • More info on Voucher Types & Decriptions.
  5. Complete the application with a Professional to certify your disability. Authorized certifiers include the following licensed and/or certified professionals and the following HHSC and/or HHSC DHHS approved professionals: (List of professional available in your area)
    • STAP Specialist as named in a DHHS STAP Outreach and Training contract;
    • Physician;
    • Social worker;
    • Speech pathologist;
    • Audiologist;
    • Hearing aid specialist;
    • State-certified education teacher:
      • deaf or hard of hearing;
      • visually impaired; or
      • speech impaired.
  6. Mail the completed application + proof of residency to STAP, P.O. Box 12607, Austin, TX 78711.
    • If you have not received the voucher in 2 months, email HHSC ( to follow up on your application.
  7. Once you receive the voucher, place order for device of your choice.