SolaTone Electrolarynx by Griffin Laboratories


SolaTone Electrolarynx


SolaTone™ Electrolarynx

The SolaTone™ speech aid is an electronic speech aid, also known as an artificial larynx or electrolarynx.

The SolaTone™ Electrolarynx is a sturdy, reliable speech aid.  It makes an excellent backup device for your current electrolarynx


  • Quality Sound
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Easy Single-Tone Button
  • 9 Volt Battery Operation
  • Quality Construction
  • Good Volume Range
  • Great Value Artificial Larynx

Comes with the following:

  • Photo of the Electrolarynx Oral Adapter
    Oral Adapter
  • Standard 9-volt Alkaline Battery
    2 Standard 9v Alkaline Battery

Discover The SolaTone™ Artificial Larynx

Finally… High Quality, Good Sound, and a Great Price

  • Are you a laryngectomee?
  • Do you use an electrolarynx for backup?
  • Do you want an affordable quality speech aid?
  • You need a SolaTone™ speech aid!
  • Discover Independence!

The SolaTone™ artificial larynx is a high quality, steady tone speech aid that’s easy to use and easy on your budget. This instrument, based on a proven design, provides quick results by meeting your basic speech aid needs. You will love the independence offered by its light weight, simple design and 9 volt transistor battery operation.